2017-2018 Season Is Here!

We first like to apologize for the delay on a fishing report for the first week after opening. Reason being, we wanted to put the extra time on the water to dial in an accurate report. One that's not written with hidden intentions of fly sales or false fishing news.  


So here is what we have so far, like always we have ups and downs that are very weather dependent but it's on an up hill climb for the shore fisherman. The first week of opener was wind depending on if you had algae on the surface in front of you or not. We had an early lake turn over this year which made the surface bait ball action harder to find than previous years. On a cooler day with some wind to break up the algae, the fish would come in to chase the baitballs in the shallows. Though due to the thermocline being 55-70 feet and the surface temps being in 64.5-65.5 meant that the majority of the fish were deep. Float tubes and boats had the advantage on the calm days. Fishing vertical with heavy flies and all kinds of innovative ways to sink your fly fast as possible.

Full Sized Pyramid-18.jpg


But now the tides are starting to turn in favor of shore fisherman. Immediately after our freeze we saw a good push of fish come in to the shallows where below freezing temperatures and strong winds over night turned drastically cooling the surface temperature. Now that the weather is cooling we are starting to see better numbers of active fish coming in and feeding. Still the main food source is the Tui Chub. Stripping bait fish patterns or hanging a balanced leech under an indicator will be your best ticket at this time. Combo patterns for two fly stripping rigs are usually most productive when a floating fly such as a boobie or popcorn beetle paired with a weighted or unweighted baitfish pattern on a sinking line. Vary your cadence of your retrieve and depth there has been baitballs in different parts of the water column and you might be surprised. For an indicator set up using a balanced leech in white, black, olive or brown has produced some nice fish in the last week. Patients is also the name of the pods of fish will come in and out of shallow water chasing or cruising looking for the next pod of tui Chub to real havoc  on.

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This generally isn't a "numbers" time of year say like March would be, but there are still some awesome days with more and more sightings of big fish caught from shore.  So be patient, put in the work, and as always, you will be rewarded. With the high water rise since last season many of the beaches have changed, make sure we are being careful. Let's all help pick up trash we see around us it was a very busy opener around the lake. Thanks for taking your time to read this report we hope it was helpful and we will see you on the water. -Casey Anderon 

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Photos courtesy Chris Fildes

Fishing Report 5/16/2017 - Fun in the Sun at Pyramid Lake

The water is cold and the fish are still very hungry. Hugging the shore looking to fatten back up from the spawn. So on this report we are flipping the script and giving you the juice first so you don't have time to hesitate and decide not to go. Its time to fuel up, grab some snacks from Crosby's and hit the beaches.

We had a client recently hook into three fish consecutively that stand out in our minds as some of the hardest fighting fish we've seen all year. And we can honestly say we saw a lot of cutthroat this season thus far, and that's far from over. We were able to find large amounts of fish some of which were of good size and very fired up. Accomplishing this solely by moving away from the regular March and April beaches.

Recently we have had our greatest success striping or "retrieving" a beetle or a boobie followed by tui chub patterns or your favorite wooly. With this set up we begin our hunt. Stealthily walking the shore line casting just passed the ledges and into the sand flats that are being warmed up by the sun during the day. We are receiving so much water from the Truckee the lake is still cold  for May and has come up over 6 vertical feet since January, and we are expecting another 5-10. 

What this rising water has created is newly formed ledges, bowls, and exposed rock. Don't let the shallow water discourage you. The midge and nymph bite is still doing great in the shallow water, with or with out the indicator. Black, wine, and red Midges with a variations of bead colors and nymphs from black and brown to red and wine have been doing great. You can get some real action with a balanced leech or baitfish pattern. 

Fish shallow and have fun with it. Change depths with the indicator and stripping to find fish feeding both on the bottom and through out the water column. On the hottest day the water will barely warm up into the low 50's so we can expect good fishing through out the rest of the season. Now's the time to enjoy the nicer weather and go hunt for some giant hungry cutthroat.

Tight lines guys,

Casey Anderson and Pyramid Flo Co.

Fishing Report 5/8/2017 - Post-Spawn Crunch Time

We want to start this report off by letting everyone know that the season is not yet over! And thanks to the hard work of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, the infamous South Nets is now open for fishing. So if you are having problems with blown out rivers give Pyramid another try and you will be very surprised. The South Nets area saw quite a few months of silence with the lake closure earlier this year due to the floods, so these fish haven't seen flies in awhile! It's time to take advantage of this awesome opportunity and get out there to search for some eager and hungry fish.

Pyramid Fly Company's clients and friends are still having days on the water comparable to March and April numbers with big fish still in the mix. We believe it's only going to improve as the water warms up over these next few weeks with warmer temps and sunnier skies. We are starting to see fish coming off the spawn and are looking to fatten up! But normally the water temps are on average 5-6 degrees warmer than we are experiencing now. If the sun is out we are at 50 degrees at 4ft deep.

The lake has also risen six vertical feet since winter and we are expecting 5-10 more feet through the summer. Plain and simple, the fishing will be good all the way to the end of the season. With these water temps and fish activity we are seeing most of the fish being caught right in front of our feet. Remember, some of your biggest fish will be within 25ft off the tip of your rod. Now as far as flies and techniques, the indicator and "no cator" bite has been the most productive but the stripping bite is also starting to do very well with the fish trying to fatten back up from the spawn. 

Midges and nymphs in black, wine, and red with variants in bead color have been great.  A very close competitor has been the balanced leech in either black, olive, or grey especially for the perch. Vary your depths through the day to find the feeding fish. With the rising water keeping the temps cool and making the ledges and shelves farther out, don't be afraid to fish shallow under your indicator. Stripping has been good with darker flies in the lower light and brighter flies during the day. Your most productive time for stripping would be early morning and late evening.  A contrast of a black and a white fly combo is the best start. The beaches are changing fairly rapidly so please be careful wading even in the familiar spots.

Again, fish hard with confidence and you will be rewarded. Don't get discouraged, wait for the schools of fish to come and take advantage of every grab and you will have a great day. Report of dozens of fish over 10 pounds are being caught weekly. So it's not over by any means and there is still time to get to Pyramid and stick some hogs! 

Thank you gentleman tight lines,

Casey Anderson - Pyramidflyco.com

Pyramid Lake Update 4/6/17- The Yo-Yo Diet

At Pyramid, we have had plethora of ups and downs and the last couple weeks have been the same. Fishing has been amazing some days and then slower on others, but the fish are there and  sticking to your guns and fishing hard is still the trick to ensuring a good day with fish caught and the chance at that big boy you've been hunting for. For some, it might not be the typical day you are used to for this time of year but we need to remember we have had a huge influx of water that the lake level is continuously rising and the water is a little cooler than it has been in the past years so things have been changing on a daily basis. The fish are there and they have been closer to shore than most people would think.

The indicator bite has been the more productive of the fishing methods.  Midges and nymphs in black, wine, and red have been great.  A very close competitor has been the balanced leech in black olive and grey. Check our store for some great midges that will be sure to put you on the fish. Vary your depths through the day to find the feeding fish.

Stripping has been good with darker flies in the lower light and brighter flies during the day.  A contrast of a black and a white fly combo is the best start. The beaches are changing fairly rapidly so please be careful wading even in the familiar spots.


Always stay confident as our last 4-day Trophy Pursuit trip we hosted offered a mix of host and slow days, but we stuck to our guns. Casey was able to put his clients on 4 fish over 10 pounds in just one day! These clients were stoked to say the least and it will be a day that was never forgotten!

Again, fish hard with confidence and you will be rewarded. Don't get discouraged and wait for the schools of fish to come and take advantage of all opportunity.  Tight lines 

Brendan Best
Reno, NV
Balanced Leech.

John Gierach fished with us and caught his share of fish.
No hog, but these 24" Cutts are gorgeous

Fishing Report 3/13/2017 - Numbers on the Rise

The lake level at Pyramid is rising and so are numbers of fish being caught. We have caught and received reports of more big fish than we ever have seen before. Also now with most of the south end being open, the numbers are up even more. Multiple fish 20 pounds and over have been caught just in the last week. For us the hot bite has been on the indicator but not to say that the strip bite isn't catching fish. Both methods have brought in countless trophy fish.  The water temp is still pretty cool (45-46 degrees) for this time of year but we are seeing a lot of midges.  Chironomids in variations of black, wine, and red have been the hot ticket. Followed closely pheasant tails and copper johns. Balanced leeches have been good on nastier weather days with larger swells. Vary your depth to find the fish. On the stripping end, it's still hard to beat the popcorn beetle or boobie paired with any of your favorite minnow pattern usually between sizes #2 and #6.

Photo: Chris Nicola

Photo: Chris Nicola

It's time to go explore and check out the changes in the beaches you might just find your next favorite hole.  Most of the change happened down south and there has been some great newly made spots.  Good beaches to fish are North Nets, Spider Point, Blockhouse, Popcorn, Pelican, and Shot Dog. 

Having your flies in the water is the key to catching numbers and big fish. If and when you can, get out there fish hard and you will be rewarded. Hope to see you on the water!

For all the spin gear guys on the beach and trollers, marabou jigs, spoons, and carolina rigged flies have been producing great results aslo. We'll say it again, whether you fly fish, spin fish or troll, keep whatever fly or lure you are using in the water. The next cast or pass may be a 30lber.

Crosby Lodge located on the lake has all the gear you need to catch your trophy fish. Stop in and see the new Pyramid Fly Co. patterns that Casey Anderson and Capt. Rob have tied up. Conditions change hourly, make sure you have the flies you need to cover all basis. For up to date info on where and what the fish are eating call us at 1-877-PFC-FLYS and we will point you in the right direction for success.

Tight Lines,

Casey Anderson

Casey Anderson (Head Guide, Pyramid Fly Co.) on his well needed day off.

20 lbs. - 36"

Caught on #10 Chocolate Midge.

Fishing Report 3/5 - More Beaches Open For Fishing

During the closure many anglers were getting stir crazy waiting for the re opening of the land of the giants. The break the lake and monster fish that live within got from the closure played out in favor for the fishery. Almost two feet of vertical feet of fresh water was much needed and the fishing has been very much worth the wait. The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe did a great job in doing all they can to get the lake back open early as possible. Even if it meant a partial opening.

The lake was open from North Nets to Shotdog and all the beaches are fishing tremendously with big fish coming from all beaches. Just yesterday, Saturday, March 4th, the Tribe opened the beaches from Popcorn to Tamarack, and North Nets to Shot Dog. The area north of Tamaracks to South Nets, Warrior Point and all points north, and Dago Bay and Howard’s Beach on the south end of the Lake remain closed to the public until further notice. Here is a map to ensure that you head to the open beaches.

We have over 30 reports of fish over ten pounds being caught since the re opening. Indicators and stripping have both been producing numbers and trophies equally. For the indicator, midges in black and also wine are fishing well and then, balanced leeches in black, olive, grey, and brown, have all caught big fish this last week. Vary your depth until you find fish. Each beach will be different.Stripping flies with beetles or a boobie paired with your favorite wooly, clouser, leech, etc. will get you some fish to hand as well. They haven't been particularly picky, so don't be afraid to change colors and depths to find the fish it will be different day to day and beach to beach . With that said, many of the beaches have changed from the flood and the quick rise and water so just be observant when driving, walking, and wading.

Stay warm and dry, the water temperatures are about 46.5 degrees. It may be a little chilly but the fishing has been plenty worth it.  With all the new fresh water and high flows of the Truckee, were are starting to anticipate the water staying a little cooler longer. Hopefully prolonging the time of year we all love to fish. From now for the next couple months is the time to get out. We will see you on the water!

No scale for this one, but Austin's fish was certainly pushing 20#! Great day for the team.

No scale for this one, but Austin's fish was certainly pushing 20#! Great day for the team.

Client fish with Casey. Can't beat running into a face like that!

Client fish with Casey. Can't beat running into a face like that!

Casey with a freckled lady.

Casey with a freckled lady.

The Captain taking a few hours off the computer to stick one.

The Captain taking a few hours off the computer to stick one.

Fishing Report 02/19/2017 - Pyramid Reopens!

The high anticipation and expectations of the Pyramid Lake opener were high and the fishing met the standards.  All beaches were fishing very well with good numbers and many reports of big fish being caught the first day. With the partial opening it has been more crowded but there is always room to find an area to fish.

Indicator and strip bite seemed to be equally successful. Darker flies were the ticket for most people.  Midges in black and wine were big producers. Balanced leeches in black grey and olive brought in some big fish and good numbers as well.  Stripping any of your favorite color patterns of beetles, boobies, and minnow type patterns brought some big fish from north nets. They haven't seen a fly in over a month and a half so if it was moving they were biting.  The morning into the afternoon was when the bite was the best with tapering flurries through the evening. It's time to get back out to Pyramid.

Earl Christensen - Reno, NV

20.5lbs - 36 inches

Caught on Green Streamer



Pyramid Lake NV 12/17 Fishing Report

Grab the stocking cap, put the gloves on and get after it!!! This time of year is when it really pays off for the dedicated and hardcore trophy hunters. The ones who fish through the colder temps and storms have been payed off with some great trophies. Mixed in are the really good days that aren’t so uncommon as of recent where anglers are getting multiple fish over the ten pound mark. With the recent abundance of rain and snow the Truckee River is blowing out the south end of the lake making the visibility low. This past week the indicator bite has produce a good number of big fish. The most effective type of fishing in the nastier weather staying in the strike zone longer when the numbers are slower. Wine, red, and black midges and balanced leech in black, olive, brown being the more effective colors. Captain Rob and Casey Anderson were fishing with Animal Planet's “Fish or Die” and GEOBASS's, Jay Johnson. They had a good day landing fish up to 12 lbs. The white balanced leech stood out as the fly to fish on that cloudy day. Don’t limit yourself to colors based upon cloudy/sunny situations. You just never know. Think outside the box sometimes.

Photo: Kyle Beckmann

Photo: Kyle Beckmann

For those that don’t like to stare at an indicator, stripping has been very productive on calmer days and when the bite is slower to trigger more off an aggression strike. The popcorn beetle and boobie have been the top producers. Both in white, black, and tan foam with bright colored bodies. Leeches, woolies, and clousers are a close second to the foam flies and make a great pair. Vary the speed of your retrieve. One day the fish will want it faster or slower than others. Keep casting and fish hard and you can be rewarded with your fish of a lifetime. If you have some days off for the holidays it would be worth it to make a trip out here.

Spoons in Original Frog, 5 of diamonds and Black/White have produced some very nice fish from Popcorn, Blockhouse and Dago Bay. Black/White and Black/Chrt jigs are still producing their fair share of fish. 

Trolling has been a hit or miss if you can get out on the water due to weather. We had wind gusts to 60 mph Wednesday Evening/Thursday. Trolling Flatfish and Spoons is still producing fish and always will. You just have to put your lures in front of the fish and hope they are in the mood to bite. 

No Big Fish were checked into Crosby Lodge this week but there fish are out there. 

*Water temperatures range between 47-48 degrees

Jimmy Damone - AKA "Jimmy Bobby D"

Reno NV



Balanced leech

Pelican Point

Biggest fish Jimmy has ever caught. Casey Anderson from Pyramid Fly Company taught Jimmy this year how to cast a switch rod and Jimmy has the hang of it I would say !!!

Brandon Esposito


South Nets

Popcorn Beetle

Glenn Lemmon


North Nets

Black Leech


I have seen, caught, and heard of 15 if not more... fish over 10lbs caught this week by the regular studs out here. You just have to put in your time. The big ones are biting. Did I mention that these studs also have lost some big fish at the net? Yup Tim, the fish are biting, you just have to want it more then other anglers do.

Tight Lines

-Capt Rob

Fishing Report 11/29 - Casey Anderson

With the first freezes out of the way the water is cooling and the continued climbing number of fish will start to move in closer to feed more regularly. With that said, it's a great time to be out for trophy hunters as there are still plenty of big fish are being caught from all over the lake from north to south end. Stripping flies has still been the biggest producer for us so far. Although, the indicator and the "no-cator" techniques are starting to heat up. The morning and evening are still the best time for a bite, but certainly fish as long as you can because you never know when the big boys are going to come in to feed and hopefully eating what ever is on the end of your line. 

Low light and even through the day dark leeches and woolies such as black, brown, and olive seem to be the ticket with hints of red, flash, or UV.  The midges and nymphs in black, red, and wine are usually going to hash out a few fish from the floating line in most conditions. Regarding sinking lines, the Popcorn Beetle and the Boobie in a black, white, or tan foam and variations of brighter colors for the body have been great for the strip bite and have produced easy a half dozen fish over 20 pounds this season.  Still the biggest tip is to fish where you are confident and put in work. Not huge number days so far but you have a good chance at a trophy fish. Keep the traveling to minimum (2-3 moves max a day).  Keep the line wet and it will happen, no doubt. Much love and stay golden, from the PFC Family.

Photos Courtesy: Kyle Beckmann

Photos Courtesy: Kyle Beckmann