December 29, 2018 Switch Rod and Indicator Clinic

Switch Rod 2.png

Pyramid Fly Co. 

Switch Rod and Indicator Clinic 

Where - Pyramid Lake, NV 

When - December 29th - 9am - 3pm

Instructors- Casey Anderson, Chris Nicola, Morgan Kane

Includes - Use of all necessary equipment, breakfast, snacks, water, and A LOT of coffee 

10 spots maximum  $175.00 per person

With cold water temperatures, winter storms, and spring just around the corner. The switch rod and indicator set up is a crucial tool during this time of year. Switch rods allow you to cast farther with less and fight the wind and waves with less effort. The indicator allows your flies to be in the strike zone the longest. The more lethargic winter fish like to let in on easy meals. It’s a fantastic time of year for a trophy cutthroat and this style of fishing has proven itself over and over again to be a “need to know” style of fishing pyramid. This clinic is more than just a “how to”, it’s also a “why”. Pyramid Fly Co.’s deeper explanation of how and why this style of fishing is effective. Leaving people with ideas and ground work to continue on their own and always keep asking themselves the never ending question, “why?”.

Clinic Topics


-Understanding of rods, lines, and how they work together 

-Proper rigging 

-Explanation of switch rod benefits, when and how to use. 

-Casting techniques 

-Weather specific applications 

-Fighting and landing fish


-Explanation of Flies and other Terminal tackle 

-Basic Rigging

-Weather specific rigging 

-Strike indications 

-Fishing the indicator 

(it’s more than just watching a dot)

For more information call (877) PFC-FLYS or email us at to reserve your spot today