Pyramid Lake NV 12/17 Fishing Report

Grab the stocking cap, put the gloves on and get after it!!! This time of year is when it really pays off for the dedicated and hardcore trophy hunters. The ones who fish through the colder temps and storms have been payed off with some great trophies. Mixed in are the really good days that aren’t so uncommon as of recent where anglers are getting multiple fish over the ten pound mark. With the recent abundance of rain and snow the Truckee River is blowing out the south end of the lake making the visibility low. This past week the indicator bite has produce a good number of big fish. The most effective type of fishing in the nastier weather staying in the strike zone longer when the numbers are slower. Wine, red, and black midges and balanced leech in black, olive, brown being the more effective colors. Captain Rob and Casey Anderson were fishing with Animal Planet's “Fish or Die” and GEOBASS's, Jay Johnson. They had a good day landing fish up to 12 lbs. The white balanced leech stood out as the fly to fish on that cloudy day. Don’t limit yourself to colors based upon cloudy/sunny situations. You just never know. Think outside the box sometimes.

Photo: Kyle Beckmann

Photo: Kyle Beckmann

For those that don’t like to stare at an indicator, stripping has been very productive on calmer days and when the bite is slower to trigger more off an aggression strike. The popcorn beetle and boobie have been the top producers. Both in white, black, and tan foam with bright colored bodies. Leeches, woolies, and clousers are a close second to the foam flies and make a great pair. Vary the speed of your retrieve. One day the fish will want it faster or slower than others. Keep casting and fish hard and you can be rewarded with your fish of a lifetime. If you have some days off for the holidays it would be worth it to make a trip out here.

Spoons in Original Frog, 5 of diamonds and Black/White have produced some very nice fish from Popcorn, Blockhouse and Dago Bay. Black/White and Black/Chrt jigs are still producing their fair share of fish. 

Trolling has been a hit or miss if you can get out on the water due to weather. We had wind gusts to 60 mph Wednesday Evening/Thursday. Trolling Flatfish and Spoons is still producing fish and always will. You just have to put your lures in front of the fish and hope they are in the mood to bite. 

No Big Fish were checked into Crosby Lodge this week but there fish are out there. 

*Water temperatures range between 47-48 degrees

Jimmy Damone - AKA "Jimmy Bobby D"

Reno NV



Balanced leech

Pelican Point

Biggest fish Jimmy has ever caught. Casey Anderson from Pyramid Fly Company taught Jimmy this year how to cast a switch rod and Jimmy has the hang of it I would say !!!

Brandon Esposito


South Nets

Popcorn Beetle

Glenn Lemmon


North Nets

Black Leech


I have seen, caught, and heard of 15 if not more... fish over 10lbs caught this week by the regular studs out here. You just have to put in your time. The big ones are biting. Did I mention that these studs also have lost some big fish at the net? Yup Tim, the fish are biting, you just have to want it more then other anglers do.

Tight Lines

-Capt Rob