2017-2018 Season Is Here!

We first like to apologize for the delay on a fishing report for the first week after opening. Reason being, we wanted to put the extra time on the water to dial in an accurate report. One that's not written with hidden intentions of fly sales or false fishing news.  


So here is what we have so far, like always we have ups and downs that are very weather dependent but it's on an up hill climb for the shore fisherman. The first week of opener was wind depending on if you had algae on the surface in front of you or not. We had an early lake turn over this year which made the surface bait ball action harder to find than previous years. On a cooler day with some wind to break up the algae, the fish would come in to chase the baitballs in the shallows. Though due to the thermocline being 55-70 feet and the surface temps being in 64.5-65.5 meant that the majority of the fish were deep. Float tubes and boats had the advantage on the calm days. Fishing vertical with heavy flies and all kinds of innovative ways to sink your fly fast as possible.

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But now the tides are starting to turn in favor of shore fisherman. Immediately after our freeze we saw a good push of fish come in to the shallows where below freezing temperatures and strong winds over night turned drastically cooling the surface temperature. Now that the weather is cooling we are starting to see better numbers of active fish coming in and feeding. Still the main food source is the Tui Chub. Stripping bait fish patterns or hanging a balanced leech under an indicator will be your best ticket at this time. Combo patterns for two fly stripping rigs are usually most productive when a floating fly such as a boobie or popcorn beetle paired with a weighted or unweighted baitfish pattern on a sinking line. Vary your cadence of your retrieve and depth there has been baitballs in different parts of the water column and you might be surprised. For an indicator set up using a balanced leech in white, black, olive or brown has produced some nice fish in the last week. Patients is also the name of the pods of fish will come in and out of shallow water chasing or cruising looking for the next pod of tui Chub to real havoc  on.

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This generally isn't a "numbers" time of year say like March would be, but there are still some awesome days with more and more sightings of big fish caught from shore.  So be patient, put in the work, and as always, you will be rewarded. With the high water rise since last season many of the beaches have changed, make sure we are being careful. Let's all help pick up trash we see around us it was a very busy opener around the lake. Thanks for taking your time to read this report we hope it was helpful and we will see you on the water. -Casey Anderon 

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Photos courtesy Chris Fildes