Quality Over Quantity - 11/27/17

   We at Pyramid Fly Company and the friendly staff of Crosby's Lodge hope everyone had a great holiday with family, friends, and maybe even a couple fish mixed in. We also want to thank everyone who has supported us along the way. We couldn't do it with out you! 

   Alright so let's get started on last weeks run down. As per usual for this time of year we really had to put in some effort and hours in to get the grabs we wanted. The numbers game wasn't the main focus, it was the larger ledge lurkers of November. The bite was a little slower this week but we did manage to pull some real quality fish out. For example Pyramid Fly Co. guide Chris Nicola was able to help client Marcus Honey of Incline Village into an 18 pound, 12 ounce Pilot Peak. Which was also Marcus's first fish at Pyramid Lake and caught on an olive balanced leech near Rawhide. That was on the larger end of the fish spectrum caught this week but there were rumors of others around that very size. The good news is the whole lake at this time is seeing noticeably larger fish being caught throughout the day. Like we said earlier, the fishing requires a little more effort this time of year but a more and more common occurrence is days where your fish range from 5-10 pounds and not much anything on the smaller size. The time starts now for shore fisherman to start seeing some large fish being caught and from now into the winter. Still, he have not found one beach to out preform another the fish seem to be spread out so find your favorite beach or two and fish it out. We also want to make sure we are fishing the ledges. Now is the time of year Ol' Red likes to come cruise in the shallower ledges using them as excellent ambush points. 


   From time on the water and other reports the fly selection and techniques have not changed much in the last couple weeks. Your baitfish patterns will still be the go to, either stripping or under an indicator with and occasional midge bite on the calmer and warm days. The boobies and popcorn beetles of all colors have brought some larger fish, when paired with your favorite wooly bugger or your favorite baitfish patterns. Blacks, whites, olives and chartreuse are great starting points for color.  Changing the cadence in your retrieve will be beneficial on finding how active fish are and what speed will get them going. As water begins to really cool down try fairly slow pace then pick up speed as time goes on (say 10-20 minutes) and then repeat until we find the bite. When the wind comes in it doesn't hurt to try an indicator rig with a balanced leech or baitfish. Fly colors for both techniques should also be interchanged through the day. Good starting points will be black olive and white and mixtures of all. Don't be afraid to throw some flash into your baitfish patterns. We hate to repeat but incase you missed last weeks report, holiday seasons have been bringing in a larger number of anglers so trying new or hard to get to areas (within the legal boundaries) can turn out to be very productive and it will get you away from the beaches with larger crowds.  The big are fish are coming into play and we would love to see you out on the water holding one of the leviathans that cruise the lake. Dress in layers and prepare for some chilly weather.  


Tight lines, 

Casey Anderson - Head Guide/President