Fishing Report 3/13/2017 - Numbers on the Rise

The lake level at Pyramid is rising and so are numbers of fish being caught. We have caught and received reports of more big fish than we ever have seen before. Also now with most of the south end being open, the numbers are up even more. Multiple fish 20 pounds and over have been caught just in the last week. For us the hot bite has been on the indicator but not to say that the strip bite isn't catching fish. Both methods have brought in countless trophy fish.  The water temp is still pretty cool (45-46 degrees) for this time of year but we are seeing a lot of midges.  Chironomids in variations of black, wine, and red have been the hot ticket. Followed closely pheasant tails and copper johns. Balanced leeches have been good on nastier weather days with larger swells. Vary your depth to find the fish. On the stripping end, it's still hard to beat the popcorn beetle or boobie paired with any of your favorite minnow pattern usually between sizes #2 and #6.

Photo: Chris Nicola

Photo: Chris Nicola

It's time to go explore and check out the changes in the beaches you might just find your next favorite hole.  Most of the change happened down south and there has been some great newly made spots.  Good beaches to fish are North Nets, Spider Point, Blockhouse, Popcorn, Pelican, and Shot Dog. 

Having your flies in the water is the key to catching numbers and big fish. If and when you can, get out there fish hard and you will be rewarded. Hope to see you on the water!

For all the spin gear guys on the beach and trollers, marabou jigs, spoons, and carolina rigged flies have been producing great results aslo. We'll say it again, whether you fly fish, spin fish or troll, keep whatever fly or lure you are using in the water. The next cast or pass may be a 30lber.

Crosby Lodge located on the lake has all the gear you need to catch your trophy fish. Stop in and see the new Pyramid Fly Co. patterns that Casey Anderson and Capt. Rob have tied up. Conditions change hourly, make sure you have the flies you need to cover all basis. For up to date info on where and what the fish are eating call us at 1-877-PFC-FLYS and we will point you in the right direction for success.

Tight Lines,

Casey Anderson

Casey Anderson (Head Guide, Pyramid Fly Co.) on his well needed day off.

20 lbs. - 36"

Caught on #10 Chocolate Midge.