Fishing Report 5/16/2017 - Fun in the Sun at Pyramid Lake

The water is cold and the fish are still very hungry. Hugging the shore looking to fatten back up from the spawn. So on this report we are flipping the script and giving you the juice first so you don't have time to hesitate and decide not to go. Its time to fuel up, grab some snacks from Crosby's and hit the beaches.

We had a client recently hook into three fish consecutively that stand out in our minds as some of the hardest fighting fish we've seen all year. And we can honestly say we saw a lot of cutthroat this season thus far, and that's far from over. We were able to find large amounts of fish some of which were of good size and very fired up. Accomplishing this solely by moving away from the regular March and April beaches.

Recently we have had our greatest success striping or "retrieving" a beetle or a boobie followed by tui chub patterns or your favorite wooly. With this set up we begin our hunt. Stealthily walking the shore line casting just passed the ledges and into the sand flats that are being warmed up by the sun during the day. We are receiving so much water from the Truckee the lake is still cold  for May and has come up over 6 vertical feet since January, and we are expecting another 5-10. 

What this rising water has created is newly formed ledges, bowls, and exposed rock. Don't let the shallow water discourage you. The midge and nymph bite is still doing great in the shallow water, with or with out the indicator. Black, wine, and red Midges with a variations of bead colors and nymphs from black and brown to red and wine have been doing great. You can get some real action with a balanced leech or baitfish pattern. 

Fish shallow and have fun with it. Change depths with the indicator and stripping to find fish feeding both on the bottom and through out the water column. On the hottest day the water will barely warm up into the low 50's so we can expect good fishing through out the rest of the season. Now's the time to enjoy the nicer weather and go hunt for some giant hungry cutthroat.

Tight lines guys,

Casey Anderson and Pyramid Flo Co.