"It's a good time for a PB" 12/14

We are getting colder as we advance through December. Air temps are consistently reaching below freezing most every night. We just exited an extended inversion layer keeping the cold air compressed at lake elevation. Good news is there is slight incline in air temperature this coming week. This colder water in the shallows have made fish slightly lethargic but they are still very hungry. 

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We are seeing significantly higher number days through December this year than we did last season around this time. The morning bite has been worth waking up and fighting the colder morning temps.  As the shallows warm up schools will come in and out of casting distance.  We are seeing the larger fish still come between 10 am and 3pm during the day when it’s the warmest. It’s gamble on when they will come in during this, but when they do it’s time for them to feed. The magic hour might be short lived but well worth the bite. Big fish are still being caught and released almost everyday through out the lake. So it’s time to go out and get yourself a “PB”! 


As we previously discussed the colder water temps will make the fish more lethargic. They are always feeding but will spend less energy trying to eat. So giving fish easy meals to target will be key during winter months. The bite is now leaning more towards the indicator bite rather than the strip for numbers. Although less grabs as of the last week we are still seeing our larger fish this year come from the strip. 


Stripping bait fish/tui chub patterns paired with a boobie and beetle is always a solid go to. The ol’ faithful combo has brought in A LOT of 10+ lbs fish this season so far this season. Streamers and buggers in olive, black and white have all put out. Pairing with a popcorn beetle or boobie in really most color patterns are great starting points. 

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Indicator bite has been putting fish in the net more consistently with colder water temps. Hanging two midges or midge/balanced leech under a bobber will allow you to frequent the strike zone and crushing lanes longer than stripping. Midge patterns in red, wine and black have been great. The balanced leeches in olive, black and white have been a real staple this last week. 

Even though it’s cold it’s still very much worth it to make a trip out to the lake. Pyramid Fly Co. has 3 guides this season so we can always accommodate guided trips, from singles to large groups. Come get yourself a fish of a lifetime! 


Tight lines,

Casey Anderson and the PFC Crew