"Best We've Ever Seen" 1/14/19

Getting right down to the facts is this season has been the best we’ve ever seen for trophy sized cutthroat. Quite honestly there are more big fish being caught currently than possibly ever before, literally almost everyday at the lake trophy is caught. Years prior we were seeing the predominant amount of large pilots being caught in spring roughly around March, last year a the big push was February and March. Now it’s already happening in January. Not to say January hasn’t almost brought in some bigs in past seasons but this year in particular has been a heater. Still not the crazy numbers game yet but the bites are generally bigger. It’s easier said than done when the fishing is slower to pay more attention but it will be a key to success. Because the bites that do come will really matter, so don’t miss them. 

Casey Anderson with a nice  early morning specimen

Casey Anderson with a nice early morning specimen

Stripping is still getting fish but the success for us has switched a bit more to the indicator. On cold or sunny days where the shallows haven’t had to much time to warm up the fish will be a bit more lethargic on feeding patterns. So staying in the strike zone longer and making an easy meal is another crucial key.  But when hooked don’t let them fool you right off the bat. We have had a lot of red hot fish recently and it’s been a blast. Depths will vary around the lake so be sure play around with it. The go-to Midges, nymphs and balanced leeches have been all getting eaten.  Midges and nymphs in red, wine, and black have been the top producers. Balanced leeches in olive, black or white have also been sticking a few nice fish. Stripping the usual boobies and popcorn beetles with other streamers or wooly worms will always get some fish interested, the speed of retrieve will play a big factor in success so vary it up until you found what they prefer that particular day.

Morgan Kane taking advantage of R&D time

Morgan Kane taking advantage of R&D time

With pushes of big fish come in now is the time you want to start planning your next trip. With multiple guides we can accelerate the learning curve and better your chances of connecting with one of these monster cutthroat. 

New for February are our 2-day clinics covering both indicator/switch rod one day and stripping/retrieving the next.

Casey and the Pyramid Fly Co Team