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Pyramid Lake, Nevada is home to the World's largest cutthroat trout and of course, Pyramid Fly Co. The lake offers anglers miles upon miles of easily accessible waters to fish. The Pyramid Fly Co. team has spent hundreds of hours in search of the best beaches and tactics that produce the biggest size and best numbers of fish. The team has also spent countless hours creating new and innovative flies for fishing this specific watershed and those flies have enabled them to produce fish everyday on the water.  

Decked out from head-to-toe in top-of-the-line gear supplied by our supporters and everything from personal pontoon boats to customized fishing ladders, you will fish in comfort all throughout your day with Pyramid Fly Co. These trips are all about the customer and that’s why PFC offers the highest end guiding services at Pyramid Lake. From 1st-time flyfisherman, to experts, PFC has you covered for a great day on the water. Join us and take your shot at hooking into that illusive 20-pounder and we will be waiting with the net, right by your side.

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About the Lake:

Just 35 minutes from Reno, Nevada, lies the historical landmark of Pyramid Lake which is the home of World’s largest Cutthroat trout, amazing American White Pelican’s, incredible tufa stones, and the Paiute Tribe. This is also where the infamous Truckee River ends its journey and empties into the alkali-rich lake. Plentiful in numbers, the lake holds outstanding amounts of massive Pilot Peak and Pyramid ("Summit" strain) strain Cutthroat trout. Many of these fish weigh in over the 10 pound mark and it is not uncommon to see a fish over 20 pounds landed if the conditions are right.

Pyramid lake is a remnant of the once massive, Lake Lahontan, which used to cover a large portion of Nevada.  The native tribe of the reservation are the Paiute’s, who have lived off of Pyramid Lake and the near half a million acres of surrounding land for centuries. The native's pridefully speak of the history of the lake and they have tales of fish weighing in over 80 pounds, but only a few photos have been documented to show the size that the fish used to grow to.

Fish Species:

"Pilot Peak" Lahontan Cutthroat Trout:

The largest in it’s class, the Pilot Peak strain of cutthroat is the biggest that exist in the world today.  Most fisherman never encounter a trout the size of these Pilot Peak, as they grow at such a rapid pace and many of these fish can exceed over 20lbs! Also, a recent study actually revealed that this strain of cutthroat has an extra row of teeth! Most of these Pilot Peak fish have had their adipose fins clipped at the hatchery, therefore it is very easy to distinguish them amongst the regular Pyramid (Summit) strain of cutthroat. Their colors can range from a variety of hues and patterns. Some fish are very colorful with reds and olives hues while other fish can be bright chrome just like an anadromous fish. Bottom line, when a big pilot peak takes your fly, you sure better be prepared to see your backing and hold on!

"Pyramid Strain" or "Summit" Lahontan Cutthroat Trout:

As all cutthroat in the lake are born hatchery raised, these Pyramid Strain fish are produced by the tribe as the "Pilot's" are produced by USFWS. These fish seem to show up in numbers while fishing and they can be, on average, a little smaller than the "Pilot's." By no means does that mean they don't come big shapes and sizes. The Pyramid Strain fish will always have an adipose fin.

Ancient Cui-ui:

Cui-ui are large sucker fish that are native to Pyramid Lake and once lived in numbers in the lake until the construction of Derby Dam in the early 1900’s. These fish are naturally freshwater spawners but they can no longer pass through to spawn in the river. The construction of the dam lead to less water moving in to Pyramid Lake and eventually the water became to high in alkaline for the Cui-ui eggs. They have a long cylinder-like body with a flat head and they can weigh in at over 5lbs. This is an endangered fish, so please use precaution and handle carefully when caught.

Tui Chub:

Tui Chubs are the “main entree” on the menu for most of the trout in the lake. These are the cutthroat’s number one food source. These dark olive, brownish fish cruise the shallows during the warmer months and in the colder seasons, they hunker down into the depths. These fish usually aren’t too aggressive until they reach their adulthood. Their aggressiveness seems to be a reason for the slow decline of the numbers of Sacramento Perch in the lake.

Sacramento Perch:

Not introduced into the lake until the late 1870’s, the Sacramento Perch is a rare sight these days for most anglers across California and Nevada, unless you fish the handful of locations that they still exist. As these fish are members of the sunfish family, they share many similarities with bluegill and crappie. Pyramid Lake currently holds Nevada’s state record for the Sacramento Perch which weight in at 4lbs 9ozs. These fish are best fished late in the spring after the water has began to warm up significantly.











Pyramid Lake Fishing Permits:

Click here for your Tribal Fishing Permits 

*You do not need a Nevada Fishing License, only the Tribal Permit is necessary for Pyramid Lake.