Keep Em Wet - 03/02/2018


In the midst of our late winter storms have been some really great days on the water. Everyday isn't red hot but compared to our prior months it's much more of what we are used to. If you're hesitant on coming out you should pull the trigger soon. The big fish are coming closer and closer and are being caught more frequently. Heavier storms and wind creating low light or mud lines have been frequent this last week and will be into the future. Bringing fish in close to the shallows for feeding frenzies.


On the other end on the calm sunny days that give a chance for the shallows to warm up have also been productive. Two reasons not to turn your nose at the blue bird days this time of year are simple. The cold water gets a chance to warm up allowing for more bug activity which will bring in baitfish as well. Also, the cutthroat are looking for that colder water that is starting to warm up to start cruising  the shallows. Fishing around ledges and drop offs will be the fishier zones to have your flies. You might not be able to see the fish yet but they are out there and probably closer than you think.


The schools of fish are holding a little tighter so it's important to keep your flies in the water when the fish are biting or after releasing a fish. There will be period between fish, some longer than others but don't lose hope. They will come back around. When there is wind, clouds or both at the lake it isn't a bad idea to try stripping the beaches with bigger flats and any size ledge. When the sun is bright smaller presentations or nymphing is a good idea to try.


The flies needed in the box are still fairly similar to last week. For stripping or retrieving the popcorn beetle and boobie in all variations of colors have been bringing in big fish. Along with wooly buggers, clousers, and other bait fish patterns of your liking. Have fun varying your speed and cadence until you find your fish.


For floating line. The usual nymphs and midges in black, red and wine have all been equally productive depending on the day and weather conditions. You might have to go through a little bit of tippet before finding the right fly and depth. They will change day to day so it doesn't hurt to fish with a buddy to help figure out the puzzle. We have had some really fun trips this week with good numbers and few big fish in the mix. It has been cold but the fish help you forget about it. Please stay warm on the water and drive carefully. There has been ice on the roads early morning so don't race around the lake. Now's the chance to get your big one! And we hope we are around to witness it!


Spring is Just Around The Corner - 2/10/18

The fly fishing show season is coming to an end and we would like to thank everyone for bearing with us through this busy time when we were away from the lake and on the road and therefore missing a few fishing reports. Casey Anderson threw some excitement into the fly fishing scene by tattooing at the fly fishing show. Casey did all kinds of creative fly fishing tattoos on some of the fly fishing die hards.  It was a pleasant feeling to come back home to the lake and have the fishing be much better than the month prior. So it's time to start tying up your bugs and plan the next trip. Now on to the fishing! 

It has been a dry winter for the sierras and the valley with mild to no storms which has made for a tough January at pyramid lake. When we have gotten storms the fishing has been as you could expect, GREAT. Though when the water is cold and the sun is high and bright it does make for a slow mid day bite. The mornings and late/afternoon and evenings have been the best times for January. Now as we transition into slightly warmer days and the shallows warm up, the fish are starting to come into the shallows for longer periods to feed. More big fish have been caught in the last two weeks than the whole month prior (from shore).

angler Sarah Landstrom   Photo copyright r valentine atkinson

angler Sarah Landstrom   Photo copyright r valentine atkinson

We are really starting to see bigger fish coming in at all periods of the day. Especially when there are clouds or chop on the surface. Which is great news for the very near future as it's a very steady up hill climb. Fish are still being caught from north to south and we really have not found one beach really out-fishing another. 

Photo copyright r valentine atkinson

Photo copyright r valentine atkinson

For the sunny calm days stripping the deeper drop off beaches will be your best chance at success during mid day when it is hard fishing. Morning and Evening bites have been fairly consistent every where. The flies you will want to have in your arsenal include: popcorn beetles and boobies in white, black, chartreuse, red/pink and combos of those colors. The trailing fly has been less specific as all bait fish streamers, clousers, wooly buggers and wooly worms etc. all have been doing very well. Again in the same colors as the beetles and boobies but use opposite colors when using the pair for higher contrast between flies.  Floating line with or with out an indicator has been hit or miss because of fish being a little deeper this time of year. They do much better in the morning and in the evenings on some of the close drops. Midges and nymphs have been working just as well as balanced leeches for us, especially as the water starts to warm and we aren't getting much for wind or weather. Successful colors for anything hanging is black, olive, grey and red/wine. Don't be afraid to vary depths or retrieve speed as well. There are big fish lurking and fishing hard through next month will be one of your best times to catch your personal best cutthroat.

angler Sarah Landstrom   Photo copyright r valentine atkinson

angler Sarah Landstrom   Photo copyright r valentine atkinson

Hope to see you on the water, 

Casey Anderson - President & Head guide